We are Technology developers of hardware and software focusing on Artificial Intelligence and IoT


We are Creating Life Solutions Through Technology Innovation and focusing to develop a better future for humankind.


We are a team with fanatical results oriented .

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  • Technology has taken over every tier of human endeavor providing improved, more efficient alternatives and simpler ways of completing tasks and meeting goals.
  • 3starsconnect is a leading technology driven digital solution company offering a wide range of digital products to our numerous clients and customers the world over.
  • Since inception, we aim to become one of the leading developers of hardware and software combining Artificial Intelligence and IoT to provide technology driven life solutions in a bid to ease the growing complexities and overwhelming challenges in human endeavor, ranging from daily house chores to demanding official tasks.
  • In view of this, we set out to create comprehensive solutions, combining dexterity, skill, ingenuity and thoughtfulness in creating advanced alternative solutions for today’s fast-paced world.
  • Hardware

    Our engineers research, design, develop, and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices and networks.


    Creative minds behind computer programs. From design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.

    Artificial Intelligence

    We develop operating software that can be used for artificial intelligence programs or other artificial intelligence applications.

    IoT Devices

    We develop an accessible hardware with advance technology using a flexible common programming language for the systems.


    About Us

    From what was once considered a dream and vision, has emerged a dynamic and purpose-driven empire with a vision of helping the world and the people in it. Our authenticity, commitment and passion is the drive that sets us apart from the competition.

      Our Mission

    • The one thing that consistently remains at the center of our focus is to develop a better future for humankind where technology progression lives in harmony with human advancement, offering competitive pricing, dedicated and professional customer service and a sustainable business mindset through fair business practice and community building.
    • Our Vision

    • We have a drive towards being the most imaginative artificial Intelligence Company, improving lives in communities around the world through technology innovation.

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    Our skill

    3D CAD Printing
    UIxUX Design
    Artificial Intelligence
    IOT device
    Machine Learning


    After a lot of hard work and ingenuity, we are proud to introduce one of our first innovative technology solution – the Wardrobe Smart Technology, which combines Artificial Intelligence and IoT through a unique solution-oriented approach that is reinventing the acquisition and management of fashion goods, generally improving the lives of people all over the world and setting the pace for a better future through innovation and technology. Imagine waking up and not having to worry about spending the entire morning worrying about what fits and what doesn’t.

     Our Wardrobe Smart Technology combines interesting features that is transforming the way people manage their item in the house, invariably making life a lot easier. This automated smart machine in clothing management has been ingeniously developed to help you manage your daily needs with personalized styling services for all your favorite collections, tracking and monitoring your item location in the house, Assist in travel packing based on durations and your destinations, Provide statistic report on your wardrobe activities from Monetary Value, Usage percentage of your items and Temperature and Humidity.

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    Our Team

    We are the most imaginative Artificial Intelligence and IoT company, delivering various advanced concepts in design and engineering of innovative mobile applications to give our customers a complete range of flexibility through technology solutions.

    With more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology, our founders have attained unrivalled success in the creation and launch of several innovative mobile applications, leading to several recognitions and awards.

    The CEO and Co-Founder also brings to the fall, several years of experience working in various industries cutting across hospitality, business, retail as well as advertising enterprise.Through a unique commercial approach, we have become pacesetters in the development and commercialization of innovative technologies, including hardware and software for wardrobe management.

    We pride in our team of experienced, skilled and reliable professionals whose priorities are driven by the finest ideals of professionalism as well as timely and efficient service delivery. This has endeared us in the hearts of our numerous customers, making us one of the leading concept development and management service provider in both local and international markets, worldwide.

    Our solution is a product of a unique combination of ingenious minds cutting across two opposite worlds where Dynamic marketing meets with Advanced Modern Technology. This is what makes our brand special.

    team member
    Ananda Putri Co-Founder

    Visionary and Marketing Expert. Fashion aficionado and Women Empowerment Enthusiast

    team member
    Alberto Massa CTO

    Founder. Business savvy and Tech expert . An avid bowman and Snowboarding Fanatic.

    team member
    Team of Qualified Software Engeneers

    D Base Architecture Expert , Server Maintenence , Lavarel , PHP , Java , Phyton , R , C++

    team member
    Team of QualifiedElectronic Engeneers

    Prototipe in various MCU , Firmware , PCB design , Production and assembling .

    team member
    Team of QualifiedMobile apps Coders

    Pro coders in NATIVE REACT, Ssift IOS ,Android , UX , UI .